Should Schools Be Installing Security Cameras In Their Classrooms?

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June 17, 2013 by marceladevivo

Even before the mass shootings in Newtown last December, the issue of crime in schools has been a growing concern for years. Each year, the American public school system sees almost 2 million violent crimes reported, and almost 90% of all operating school systems contribute to that figure. And that figure doesn’t even take into consideration of non-violent crimes, such as theft and vandalism.
It seems, however, that Newtown was a clear tipping point for a cluster of issues, including mental health, gun control and public safety. In particular, security measures within schools have become a heated talking point, and the use of security cameras has taken a front-and center-position.
Everyone from the ACLU to SWAT officers are weighing-in on the pros and cons of the topic, so it’s worth taking a minute to assess the factors at stake in this politically sensitive policy…


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