Content Marketing Tip #9 – Editorial Planning

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September 19, 2012 by marceladevivo

Tips for Success 
With Content Marketing

When you’re just getting started, you may not yet be ready to do any content planning as you are still slogging through the mechanics of how to turn thoughts in your head into words on your visitors screen. 

However, once you have the mechanics understood… it’s time to move into planning your attack! 

I find it incredibly hard to stay on top of things the way I should *when* I am publishing enough content to matter…

….and that’s the flaw facing many sites that think they don’t need one!

If you don’t need a calendar to keep up with it, you’re probably not publishing enough!

An editorial calendar can be as simple as the WordPress Editorial Calendar Plugin or more elaborate and based out of an external tool such as Google Calendar. 

I use a combination of these two to handle the posts on my own blog, on my community blog, and the guest posts and articles I need to write or have already submitted. 

Alerts in Google Calendar can also provide useful daily reminders to post something on your FB Fan Page, check twitter, and more. 

I am able to visually see when upcoming promotional time-blocks are, keep track of deadlines, know when a plugin is about to go on sale, and generally “pre-shape” the tone of my upcoming content. 

How do you keep track of the content you are publishing? 

~ Kim ~ 
Simple Tech Tips For Marketing

PS:  Want to learn more about how to be successful with content marketing? Click here.  


Image Source: Public Domain Chalkboard. Image Customization by Kim. Feel free to share freely where you please. 

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