Content Marketing Tip #1 – Purpose

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September 8, 2012 by marceladevivo

Tips for Success 
With Content Marketing

All of the content you create needs to serve a purpose (or it becomes wasted time and energy). Focusing on the 4 E’s can help you understand a particular piece of content’s purpose. Strive to do one of these: Educate (Inform), Enlighten, Entertain, Enlighten, Enrich/Empower.

Regardless of your content goal, be aware of which emotion you are triggering. You need to fuel an emotion as apathy in your reader is your enemy.  Do they come away feeling excited? ready to take action? feeling confident in their ability to do something? aggravated? fearful? annoyed? thrilled? frustrated? or relieved?

Example: “Get Healthy” rarely triggers anything but apathy. “10 Ways To Get Sexy Abs” is better but still so-so. “Drop the baby weight and look sexy in the bedroom in 30 days” … better yet (fear + arousal)!   

Find the appropriate emotional trigger for the purpose of the article and make sure it hits. 

Often, sites that are stagnant, will find that the problem has been they are not meeting one of the 4 Es and/or not kindling emotion in their reader.

~ Kim ~ 
Simple Tech Tips For Marketing

PS:  Want to learn more about how to be successful with content marketing? Click here.  


Image Source: Public Domain Chalkboard. Image Customization by Kim. Feel free to share freely where you please. 

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