5 Lessons I Learned About Blogging in Queensland #QLDBLOG

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September 3, 2012 by marceladevivo

This guest post is by Rebecca Cooper of simpleasthatblog.com.

It’s hard for me to believe that just three short months ago I was in sunny Queensland enjoying the sites and attractions across the world from my homeland of Canada. Being chosen as one of the ten bloggers to go on this once in a lifetime trip was exciting to say the least! I was thrilled for the adventure and equally as thrilled to learn what I could about blogging while there.

Though I’ve had a blog now for over five years, I’m relatively new to the idea of monetizing and was feeling ready to take my blog in a new direction but I needed some help to get there.

Amidst helicopter rides over the Reef, ocean kayaking and zip lining through the rainforest, we had the chance to sit through two blogging workshops with Darren and the open discussion and interactions between all the bloggers was so helpful and really opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities in this world of blogging!

Besides the obligatory Koala and vegemite souvenirs I brought home for the kids, here are a few blogging tidbits I brought home from Queensland with me.

5 Things I learned about blogging in Queensland

  1. Blogging buddies are the best: Discussing blogging with other bloggers is a lot different than chatting on the subject with my husband, who does not blog. So very different!
  2. Make products prominent: If you want to sell ebooks, or other products for that matter, make them easy to find.  I had links to my ebooks on my blog’s sidebar, below the fold, and I was only selling a handful. It was recommended I move them to the top of my sidebar. I was so surprised to see my ebook sales more than double just by doing this. It’s something so simple and obvious to some, I’m sure, but I told you, I’m new to this monetizing thing, remember?
  3. Write with intent: One thing that really stuck with me from Darren’s blog workshops was to ask myself what is the one thing I want my readers to do after they read each post. I find myself asking this question before I hit publish, now. Whether it’s to have readers purchase a copy of my ebooks, have them subscribe to my RSS feed, or simply to feel inspired, with this intent in the back of my mind as I write, I’ve found my posts being more driven and accomplishing better what I want them to. I find myself writing with more intent.
  4. Editing published content is wise: Going back and adding to past content is okay. I learned a few things about what I should have done in past posts, so I fixed them. I went back through my past photography-related posts and provided links to my ebooks, for example.
  5. Believe: One of the biggest things I took away from my experiences in Queensland is to be confident in who you are as a blogger. Believe that you have something to offer, that your content is valuable. That belief in yourself really does shine through.

While I still have a very long way to go in growing my blog and monetizing it the way I’d like to, the things I’ve learned and the small steps I’ve made so far have certainly made a difference.

Sitting down with the other bloggers and doing an open critique of each other’s blogs was one thing I found especially helpful during the workshops and I came home with a list of goals and ideas I can’t wait to implement in my blog!

What new ideas do you have on your blogging to-do list? Let us in on them in the comments.

Rebecca Cooper is a mom, blogger and photographer from Alberta, Canada. When she’s not busy taking care of her four kiddos she enjoys crafting, running, being outdoors, taking photos and blogging about her family’s adventures at simpleasthatblog.com.

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5 Lessons I Learned About Blogging in Queensland #QLDBLOG

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