Summer Hangout Series with Just Ask Kim – Twitter Tips for Marketers & Bloggers

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August 19, 2012 by marceladevivo

Hangouts On Air 
With Just Ask Kim

Catch up on a great jam-session between some of the industry’s best Marketer-Bloggers as we dish the goods about marketing with Twitter on a Google+ Event Live Hangout! 

I had a great time hanging out with Andy Bailey, Donna Merrill, Jennifer White, and Sonia Winland talking about a variety of  Twitter and social marketing topics! 

We had a ton of fun and I can’t wait for the next one!

This was by far our most popular hangout so far and I am investigating the idea of running another session based around Twitter! 

Some apps that were mentioned include:,,,,, Pocket (Formerly Read Later).

This is part of my new Summer Hangout Series (2012). 

07/03/12 (tues) Facebook (3pm ET) (click to check out the recording)
07/18/12 (wed) Google+ (3pm ET) (click to check out the recording)
07/25/12 (wed) WordPress (3pm ET) (click to check out the recording)
08/15/12 (wed) Twitter (3pm ET) (this is the recording!)
08/29/12 (wed) List Building (3pm ET)

The “On Air” is public.  The Hangout itself is open to whoever requests/receives an invite from me.

Join us or tune in for the next one!

 ~ Kim ~
Simple Tech Tips For Marketing 

PS: I apologize for the confusion that happened on this hangout. The comment I made on the event stream about needing to be sure you mark “attending” so I can get you the custom HOA link got pushed way down and led to this event rifting into two separate hangouts! The only downside was that I couldn’t be in both at once!

via Just Ask Kim


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