5 Ways to Repurpose Your Blog Posts

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August 19, 2012 by marceladevivo

Blog posts take a lot of time to write, and while there are things you can do to write blog posts faster, one of the best ways to maximize the time spent writing blog posts is to repurpose your content.

Here are 5 ways to repurpose your blog posts.

#1: Record your blog posts in audio form and turn it into a podcast.

repurpose your blog posts as podcastsNow when I say to record your blog posts in audio form, I don’t mean to read them word for word. For one thing, most likely if you’re reading your blog posts word for word, they’re going to sound stilted and be on the boring side.

It’s much easier for most people to speak naturally, than it is to read naturally, so you’ll sound much better if you make an outline with the main points of your blog post, along with minimal notes to keep you on track, and then simply record yourself talking about each of those points.

You can upload your podcast episodes to your blog and also make them available on iTunes to extend your reach.

#2: Use the main points from your blog posts to create a slideshow.

Since you’ve already jotted down the main points of your blog posts before creating your podcast, it will be easy to create a PowerPoint presentation using those main points.

Once you’ve created a PowerPoint presentation, with just a few clicks you’ll be able to turn that presentation into a slideshow. You can do this by simply uploading the presentation to SlideShare.

To help drive traffic from SlideShare to your website, be sure to hyperlink each slide in your presentation to various blog posts, and also show your blog URL on at least one slide.

#3: Create a video from the slideshow you created in step 2.

Since you already created a PowerPoint presentation you used for your slideshow, you can easily turn that presentation into a video. There are a few ways to do this:

The option to save your PowerPoint presentation as a video is available in PowerPoint 2007 and 2010, but may not be available in earlier versions.

Bonus tip: You can even upload the audio you created in step 1 to your PowerPoint presentation before saving it as a YouTube video if desired.

  • Save your slides as JPEG File Interchange Format and then use those images to create a video using a service such as Animoto.

Note: If you’re using your videos for business purposes, you need to purchase Animoto Pro, but if you are using your videos for non-commercial reasons, you may

This is your opportunity to shine as a teacher! All you need to do is open up your PowerPoint presentation that you created from your blog posts, and record yourself speaking as you click through the slides.

#4: Create image quotes using the slides you created in steps 2 and 3.

If you haven’t already done so, go ahead and save your PowerPoint presentation that you created in step 2 as JPEG File Interchange Format.

You can then post those images as Facebook status updates that link to your blog posts, or as pins on Pinterest.

If desired, you can also start from scratch and make completely new images with quotes and other teaser content related to your blog.

#5 Rewrite your blog posts as articles and submit them to article directories.

It may seem like a lot of work to completely rewrite your blog posts, but I find that especially if I do this immediately after I write the original blog posts and the basic information is fresh in my mind, I can do this very quickly.

For quality purposes, I do not recommend using an article spinner. The few extra minutes it takes to manually rewrite the posts will be well worth it in terms of quality.

I’ve found it especially beneficial to use the resource box on my articles to drive traffic to a squeeze page for the purpose of building my list.

As you can see from the 5 ways to repurpose your blog posts listed above, though it does take time, it’s not too difficult to repurpose your content multiple ways.

Your Turn:

What are your favorite ways to repurpose your blog posts? Which of the ways listed above do you plan to try?

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