What do you need for business gold?

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August 7, 2012 by marceladevivo

Every four years the best in the world come together to compete for the ultimate prize. They have struggled, strived, trained and put themselves through torment to become the best in their field. And even if their goal is achieved in a few short minutes, they allow themselves a few days before they start all over again!

In today’s business world we cannot stand still. What worked well yesterday will soon be old hat and passé tomorrow. Technology is continuously evolving, improving, metamorphosing into totally new concepts; quicker, faster and speedier than before.

This puts so much pressure on a business to keep up. The strains and stresses are enormous, and sometimes it can be a matter of sink or swim. The rise of digital marketing and social networking practices have taken the world by storm, transforming the way business is explored, considered and put into practice.

They simply cannot be left behind, as they watch their competitors race past them ever getting closer to their goal. But technology inconsiderately keeps moving the posts, pushing that finish tape further away, so like in a dream our feet sink into the running track as the wind rushes past our ears and our main focus speeds ever further away.

The answer is to hire a surfing board and jump on that wave as it sweeps towards that beach. Don’t sit on the sidelines and marvel at how wonderful everything is, how quickly it changes and how possibly you’ll be able to keep up. Find out how to do it, outsource your project to an expert, get in some help. Don’t expect to be able to do everything yourself, or otherwise you’ll soon be left behind, spending all your time learning and not doing anything. Business succeeds through action, aims, objectives – a focus on the horizon that pushes you forwards towards your goals.

A proper reason is vital for business success. Why are you going this? Will it make a difference for your customers? How do you know it will? The purpose needs to be long-term, sustainable and with a sense of continuation. Has your business got the potential to evolve and change to keep up? Once your first objectives have been met, are there possibilities for more? Are there motives for expansion into more markets, product extension and business growth?

A gold medal is achieved through an incredible amount of hard work. It is not obtained through a quick fix, a whim or a flight of fancy. Your eye should never be taken off the ball, and any successes you have today need to be worked on for the future, especially if your desire is to win more gold medals – why should we just stop at one?

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