Review and Walk-Through of The New Facebook Fan Reviews App

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August 7, 2012 by marceladevivo

A Review of The New
FB Fan Review Application!

Nick Unsworth, social media pro, just released a new Facebook Fan Reviews App that is getting a ton of press… and for all the right reasons!

Almost a year ago, Facebook DEVASTATED small and local businesses by mercilessly removing the review system that used to be available to Business Pages…

Why? No one knows for sure… but what we do know is that it hurt!

User generated reviews and testimonials – shared with their friends – are the lifeblood of a business today!

“Word of mouth is the currency of how people spend their money”
Gary Vaynerchuk – Author of CRUSH IT!

Fortunately, a few high quality premium apps have turned up to provide this much-needed feature… and produce some darn nice results!

About six months ago, I shared with you the app I had started using (in use here), Social Reviews by Social Traffic Lab, that was the best you were going to get for a combination of affordability and availability. At the time, many of the features we liked about the tool Facebook removed, were just not available!

Fast forward… (and skip through many apps I’ve seen that just don’t cut the mustard)… and meet “Fan Reviews” by Nick Unsworth!

I have Fan Reviews in use on my page tab here and want to take you on a walk-through behind the scenes!

Sweet isn’t it? 

Whether you have a page that has been hurt by the loss of the Reviews App… or have a newer page and are ready to find out what you’ve been missing… Fan Reviews is a tool that is going to deliver!

Many of the apps that come across my desk are just not worthy of my recommendation… so it has been a very pleasant surprise to review this app and to get to recommend it as an affiliate. 

Social Reviews remains a very stable, affordable, useful application… but Facebook Fan Reviews rocks it! 

Utilizing and correctly leveraging fan reviews is an important part of growing, developing and expanding an existing business model!

Fan Reviews is avaialable as part of the Reveiw ROI system by Nick and his team. Even if you are not planning on picking it up, you can learn a lot from the free videos that were released as part of his product launch.  

Are you leveraging fan reviews in your social marketing?

Are you using testimonial building techniques in your customer flow?

Leave a link below to your fan review page tab once you’ve installed either Social Reviews or Fan Reviews

 ~ Kim ~
Simple Tech Tips For Marketing 

PS: And if you haven’t already, be sure to stop by my page and leave me a review!

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