Merging Google+ Business and Google+ Local Pages

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August 6, 2012 by marceladevivo

With the importance of social activity and visibility only growing, Google has made yet another helpful announcement for companies everywhere: You are now able to merge your Google+ Business page with your Google+ Local Page. This will help keep all company information consistent across the network, help companies stay organized in one place, and above all else this will help company owners remain in control of both the Local Page as well as the Business Page through verification.

Before setting out to merge these two pages, it’s important to understand the differences in the first place. Many people use some of these terms interchangeably, so it can be a bit confusing for beginners. Below is a breakdown of how the two pages work:

  • Google+ Business Pages: The business pages are the Google+ accounts of companies that have the different Google+ social features such as hangouts, posting articles, sharing photos, and commenting on all the information.
  • Google+ Local Pages: This is the new Google Places, so here you will see a company’s Zagat scores, map, and a description of the business complete with contact information and hours of operation.

Until now these pages could get easily confused and would create even more work for marketers, but the option to merge the pages should solve this issue. Fortunately, getting started is actually quite easy.

How to Merge the Google+ Pages for Better Control

Only those with manager access to the Google+ Business page can merge the two pages by verification. You need to start out as the manager for your Google+ Business Page and then verify your Google+ Local page. Once this is done, you can manage everything from the admin status of your Google+ page.

This announcement came to us on Friday, August 3rd from Jade in the Google Places Help forums, and Google+ support helped by creating the following step by step instructions to get started merging the pages:

  1. Hover over Unverified at the top of your Google+ page. Click the Verify now button when it appears. Or, click Verify now in the Is this your business? section below the map.
  2. Confirm your address and click Request postcard again. Your postcard should arrive within a week or so.
  3. Once it’s arrived, go to the website listed on the postcard,
  4. If you’ve requested a postcard for multiple Google+ pages, make sure to click on the name of the business that the postcard is for.
  5. Enter the PIN listed on the postcard and click Submit.

The Google forum discussion added a few FAQs and explained that you can only merge one Local page with one business page. If you have multiple locations, the merge will still only be able to work for one of your business pages. You can read more of the questions and answers here.

The Benefits of the Merge for Marketers

So what are the benefits to merging these two pages? That’s simple: You will have everything in one place, and your visitors will be able to access all of your information and utilize all social sharing features of the network when it comes to information that was once only accessible on a Google+ Local page.

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