You Can Now Verify Your Own Google+ Page With Google Local

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August 4, 2012 by marceladevivo

Google‘s new-ish integration of Google+ pages and the Google Local place registry was a neat idea, but it required business owners to go through an arduous verification process by contacting Google with a request.

Now Google has made it much easier: You can verify your own Google+ page with Google Local. It takes seconds to do, and any Google+ page manager can do it.

Here’s how to do it: Hover over “Unverified” at the top of your Google+ page and click the “Verify Now” button, confirm your address, and click “Request postcard.” Google mails something to your snail mail address to verify your identity, so it will take a few days, but you should soon receive a postcard with a PIN on it. Just enter the PIN at the address provided on the postcard and you’re set.

The change was announced in an update to Google’s Google+ page for businesses, Google+ Your Business, along with a how-to guide that covers pretty much what we just said.

Going through this (now much easier) process will unify your business’s presence across Google+, Google Search, Maps, and Mobile. Given all the things the Google Local suite offers to local businesses, taking the initiative to do this is a no-brainer.

[Via: The Next Web]

via Sprout Insights


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