Link Report Hacking (Or How To Drill Down By Technique & Save Hours On Link Removal)

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July 30, 2012 by marceladevivo


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Over the last 6 months I can imagine quite a few of you (regardless of whether you have been working on the website for 10 years or 10 minutes) will have received the dreaded ‘link message of death’ via Google Webmaster Tools indicating that the site has done something that goes against the Google webmaster guidelines.
Since the first barrage of messages there has been a lot of conjecture about the types of links that are being or have been devalued whether it’s directories, sidebar links, article directories, footer links etc. This information has made link removal and it’s prioritisation a bit of a tricky job. Some SEO’s have understandably gone for the ‘remove em all’ route whereas others have looked to remove certain types of links or links with certain anchor text.
I’ve recently had the pleasure of removing links for a new client with the aim of leaving the site with ‘as decent a link profile as possible’. Because of this I am looking to remove links a different technique at at time. For example we initially targeted directories and low quality ones in particular.


Why Google Webmaster Tools?

I’ve decided to use the link data from GWT over Open Site Explorer as theres more of it and, well, it’s Google data… The great thing about Google Webmaster Tools is that you get so much link data. I doubt that it includes all link data but it definitely enough to get your teeth into. The bad thing is it’s lack of formatting and information (bar the URL and the new date option, which is pretty cool.) The website I’m reviewing has 50,000+ links to review. It’s going to take me ages to review all of them and specifically find directories! Or is it?
The positive of being ‘lazy’ is that you are always looking for shortcuts. How can I make this easier for myself? Wheres the loophole? How can I save time? Below you will find a simple way to review a larger number of links, by technique using a combination of Google Webmaster Tools, Open Site Explorer and Link Detective.


More link data, drill down by technique and save a load of time

  1. Export URL’s linking to your website from Google Webmaster Tools.
  2. Export a link report for your website from Open Site Explorer.
  3. Remove the URL data from the OSE report and paste the URLs from the GWT report.
  4. The purpose of running the GWT report is that it’s likely to have more link data than than OSE export. This means you will have empty tabs in terms of anchor text, page title, DA, PA etc. Just fill these in with hyphens or zeros to the bottom of the report.
  5. Save :)
  6. Login to Link Detective, upload your newly improved, steroid pumped OSE report.
  7. Wait.
  8. Check out your new report which includes a lot more link data.
  9. Filter by link type in my case ‘Directories’
  10. Export.
You are now the owner of a directory specific link report that has a load more link data than you would get from Open Site Explorer. Whats that? I’ve just created more links to review/contact and thus more work for myself? Damn…
If you have any questions or ways to improve this process just give me a shout in the comments below or via @s_rvll

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