Facebook – 7 Easy Ways to Get More Engagement From Your Posts

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July 30, 2012 by marceladevivo

Facebook is one of the best social networks to promote your business, enhance your brand visibility and to drive traffic to your blog or website. However, building a profitable Facebook presence requires time and effort.

Your ability to leverage Facebook for your business depends largely on the engagement generated by your posts and your overall following.

Facebook Engagement

In this post, we take a look at how to generate more engagement from your posts. It is essential for any successful Facebook marketing strategy.

On Facebook, engagement is typically measured by e measure the success of a post.  Engagement refers to the activity and interaction generated by your posts. This is typically measured by comments, likes and shares. The more Likes and comments your posts receive, re likes you receive, the more beneficial it is for your business.

I have identified 7 easy and highly effective ways to get more engagement from your posts on Facebook.

1. Choose Words That are Shared More:

The choice of words used in your posts has an impact on engagement and popularity of your content. A study by Dan Zarella attempted to find the type of words that are likely to produce the most shares.

Facebook Marketing - Popular Words

2. Avoid Words That Are Shared Least:

The study above also attempted to identify words that are likely to produce the least engagement on Facebook by analysing a very large sample of posts over a one month period.  This information can be useful for your positing strategy.

Facebook Marketing - Avoid Least Shareable words

3. Share Content Types That Get Most Engagement e.g. Images & Videos

The type of content e.g. images, text or video has a big impact on engagement. Researches show that images  produce better results and receive more likes and comments.

Additionally, videos produce better results on Facebook as compared to Twitter. Research by Dan Zaralla shows video posts are shared more than the average story on Facebook, while they were actually shared less than the average story on Twitter.

Increase Facebook Engaement - Use Images

4. Post At The Right Times

Both, the time of the day as well as the day of the Week content is posted, have an impact on the engagement and popularity of content.  There are several free social media posting tools that you can take advantage of to schedule your posts in advance.

Several studies on the “best times” to post show that content published in the mornings produce better engagement than evenings. Other studies suggest that content published on the weekends and again during mid-week are shared on Facebook more than others.

Facebook Marketing - Publish Day

However, it is important to note that results vary from site to site. For example on my Facebook page, content on weekdays produces better results than weekends contrary to the findings of the study.

You should thus monitor the stats provided by the “insights” feature in the admin panel of your Facebook page to identify what works best for your business.

5. Adjust Your Posting Frequency

Marketers generally recommend posting regularly in order to grow your following on Facebook and attract more likes.

Studies show a direct link between posting frequency and fan reach.  Analysis shows that on average each post on Facebook reaches approximately 2.5% of fans. However businesses that post content five days a week, reach 16% of their fans.

At the same time, posting too frequently can have a negative impact on conversion rates. Depending on your audience, there is a point where the frequency can start to have a negative effect on engagement.

6. Keep Track of the Length of Post

The length of post can also have an impact on engagement. Generally speaking, it helps to be concise and to the point. According to Facebook’s own research, posts between 100 and 250 characters see 60% more engagement from users than longer posts. This includes likes, comments and shares.

 7. Use Call to Action in Your Posts

Posts that include call to action tend to produce better engagement.  E.g. studies have show that asking users to “Please like” or “Please share” can improve your chances manifold.

Another example of posts that get most engagement is the “Like If” style posts.  For example “Like This Image If You Wear Prada On The Weekend”.  This type of post can be very effective to generate engagement.

What Methods do you use?

The above tips can help to get more interaction and coverage for your posts on Facebook.  It can also result in more traffic for your blog or website.

Do you use any of the methods above to boost engagement? Perhaps you would like to suggest a new method. Please add your response by leaving a comment below.

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